Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance

Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance

Per Title IX, Appalachian provides the same special services to a pregnant/parenting student that it provides to students with temporary medical conditions. Specifically, support is provided for pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, and recovery from any aforementioned condition. Services and support are provided through the Office of Title IX Compliance.

Absences due to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions will be excused with documentation from a medical professional indicating that such absences are deemed necessary.

We encourage Pregnant and Parenting Individuals to work with their faculty to provide advanced notice should any absence coincide with any academic obligations including, but not limited to, test dates and deadlines. Reasonable adjustments can be made by faculty to assist students needing assistance.

Faculty members are to allow students the opportunity to make up the work missed while out due to pregnancy or any related conditions, including recovery from childbirth. If a faculty members awards “points” or other advantages based on class attendance, students must be given the opportunity to earn back the credit from classes missed because of pregnancy.

To request assistance due to your pregnancy or parenting status, please feel encourged to complete this online form and/or contact the Title IX Coordinator.