Confidential Resources on Campus for Respondents

Confidential Resources for Respondents: 

At Appalachian, Confidential Resources are employees within designated University offices who will not share information regarding Prohibited Conduct without permission, absent a threat of serious harm to the individual or others or legal obligation to do so. Confidential Resources at Appalachian include the following departments:

For Students:

Counseling & Psychological Services
Miles Annas Building - First Floor | 828.262.3180

Student Legal Clinic
324 Plemmons Student Union | 828-262-8284

University Ombuds
236A IG Greer Hall | 828-262-2559

For Employees:

Counseling for Faculty & Staff
400 University Hall | 828-262-4951

University Ombuds
236A IG Greer Hall | 828-262-2559 

Guidance Resources | 844-449-6537 (phone)

Community resources, including, but not limited to, crisis counseling, medical support, and pastoral counseling, are not subject to Appalachian’s policies. Supportive community resources with legal privilege are held to their professional standards and are provided guidance as to when reporting may be necessitated for concern for the safety and well-being of those involved.