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 Request a Training!

EO  provides a wide range of educational opportunities and training for various audiences across campus. Our goal is to connect with our campus community around the topic of civil rights and nondiscrimination while supporting campus partners as they navigate related topics in their own education, careers, and lives. Education from EO can be appropriate for any individual, regardless of their experience with civil rights, whether you are an expert in the field or learning about civil rights for the first time. Our presentations can be varied in length and topic, to cater towards the individual needs of your group. 

EO Mandatory Reporting Training:   EO Mandatory Reporting: It Takes All of Us!  will be offered each month.

Note: Please request presentations, trainings, or workshops a minimum of 10 business days prior to the preferred date of the event. EO will make every effort to accommodate late presentation requests, but cannot guarantee availability. Additionally, most presentations will require a minimum of 30 minutes. Presentation length may increase depending on the number of topics requested.