Appalachian has a number of resources available to those who have experienced Sex-Based Misconduct. Getting information about the policies, procedures, and your rights and options can help you make an informed decision about reporting.

Confidential Resources on Campus

Shared information is restricted by the party who received the information, and may or may not be legally privileged and protected.

Private Resources on Campus

Shared information is securely maintained and accessible only by those with appropriate and relevant needs to review. Information will be therefore disclosed to those on a “need to share” basis, as the information is not legally privileged or protected.

Other Campus Resources

There are other campus resources available for you to check out.

Off-Campus Resources

These off-campus resources will maintain confidentiality when acting under the scope of their licensure, professional ethics, and/or professional credentials, except in extreme cases of imminent threat or danger or abuse of a minor/elder/individual with a disability, or when required to disclose by law or court order.