Referrals and Reporting

Referrals and Reporting Options

Choosing to make a report and deciding how to proceed after making the report can be a process that unfolds over time. Reporting can provide safety and support for individuals affected by Prohibited Conduct, provide the Complainant with resources and information about filing a formal complaint, and help create a safer campus community. 

 If you are ready to file a report, you can choose to report to any or all of the following:

Law Enforcement.
If you would like to file an official report, pursue criminal charges, receive assistance with obtaining a Protective Order (50B or 50C), or would like to learn more about options available to you through law enforcement, consider contacting:

Appalachian State University Police Department: (828) 262-2150
Boone Police Department: (828) 268-2900
Watauga County Sheriff's Department: (828) 264-3761
If you need immediate emergency assistance call 911.

Office of Title IX Compliance.
Any person may submit a referral, whether or not the referring individual was subjected to the alleged Prohibited Conduct. A referral is not the same as filing a Formal Complaint.
You can contact the Office of Title IX Compliance via:

  1. Online Form:  Title IX and Sex/Gender-Based Misconduct Referral Form
  3. Phone: (828) 262-2144
  4. Mail: ASU Box 32053, Boone, NC 28608
  5. In-Person: 123 I.G. Greer Hall

The Title IX Coordinator for the University is Josh Cutchens, and can be reached at  

Anonymous Reporting.
An individual, including a Complainant, may report allegations of Prohibited Conduct anonymously via any method listed above. While Appalachian will work to appropriately respond to and remedy the allegations reported anonymously, please be advised Appalachian’s response may be limited. If a Complainant is requesting anonymity, the Title IX Coordinator will honor their request to the extent they are able after assessing any health and safety issues impacting the campus community.

What Happens After a Report is Made?

Upon receipt of information about Prohibited Conduct, the Title IX Coordinator will make an initial assessment to determine if the alleged Prohibited Conduct falls under Policy 112 and respond to any immediate health or safety concerns raised by the information.

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If You Choose not to Report

Appalachian and the Office of Title IX Compliance supports an individual's right to choose whether to report. If you or someone you know needs information and help to facilitate the reporting process, we are here to help. You may also consider seeking out legal guidance to help you better understand your options.

If you DO NOT want to report to Law Enforcement or to Appalachian, you may want to seek immediate medical attention. Injuries may not be obvious at first. If you do not want to report you can still request that an anonymous forensic exam be completed at Watauga Medical Center. Please feel encouraged to consult confidential support through OASIS for more assistance.